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Blaupunkt 5CB281FF0 Fully Integrated 70:30 Fridge Freezer GRADED

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Product Description

This graded Blaupunkt fridge freezer is brand new with light blemishing to the casing - please see images


Output, consumption

Energy efficiency class: E1) 

Energy consumption: 217 kWh / year2)

Energy consumption: 0.594 kWh / 24 h2)

Total capacity: 249 l

Noise: 39 dB (A) re 1 pW

Climate class: N-ST

Connection loads: 220 – 240 V / 115 W

Values according to Regulation (EU) 2017 / 1369 from 03 / 2021

Based on the results of the standard testing over 24 hours. Actual consumption depending on use / location of the appliance.

Features, comfort

Fully integrated installation

Fully automatic defrost inside the fridge

Easy-to-clean, bright interior

LED interior lighting in refrigerator compartment

Refrigerator compartment

Refrigerator: Capacity 179 l

5 shelves made of safety glass,

4 of which are height-adjustable

Transparent Vario tray for fruit and vegetables, covered by a safety glass panel

3 full-width door shelves

Egg tray

**** – Freezer compartment -18 ºC and lower

3 frozen produce drawers

Capacity 70 l

Freezing capacity: 3.2 kg in 24 hours

Storage time in case of malfunction: 10 hours

Super freezing

Frozen produce calendar

Blaupunkt - 5CB 281FF0

Technical data and dimensions (H × W × D)

Drag hinge

Door hinged on right, changeable

Appliance dimensions: 176.5 × 54.0 × 54.0 cm

Recess dimensions: 177.2 – 177.6 × 56.0 × 55.0 cm

EAN: 4251003102963