Samsung VCA-WB650 Brush Accessory Spinning Sweeper for Hard Floors Grey

SamsungSKU: CI0403

Sale price£88.99


This graded Samsung VCA-WB650 Brush Accessory is new and perfect with slightly tatty packaging. 

Please note - rating plate not present. 

Includes a full 12 Month Parts and Labour Warranty.

The Samsung VCA-WB650 is a brush accessory specifically designed to spin sweep hard floors. Its stiff bristles effectively pick up debris while the spinning motion ensures an evenly distributed and thorough clean. Perfect for households with hard floor surfaces, the VCA-WB650 ensures a deep and efficient clean.




  • Wet Brush Kit(Spinning Sweeper, Brush holder, Multi-use wet pad 2 pcs, Single-use wet pad 10pcs, Attachable pad 2pcs)

Dimension (Pack: WxHxD)
325x77x160 mm

4011407L7, 4020410L9, 4030510L9

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