It’s always an exciting time when you’re designing your new kitchen. You’ll be dreaming of the finished product, of a beautiful space and perhaps one that features the latest appliances. But should those appliances be integrated or not? That’s a choice you’ll have to make.



Integrated appliances are designed to fit your kitchen units and are concealed behind cupboard doors. You will still benefit from ready access to your equipment.

Not all manufacturers offer integrated appliances and those that do may not build an integrated version of every modal. While this situation does limit your choice of appliances a little, you will be able to find the perfect models for your kitchen.



Let’s face it, fridges, freezers and washing machines are rarely things of great beauty. They are functional pieces of equipment that you need in order to make life easier rather than works of art. You will appreciate the fine aesthetics of handmade cabinets or granite worktops, but you are unlikely to treasure the look of your tumble dryer! Indeed, your appliances can disrupt the flow of your kitchen design.

It is nearly impossible to exactly match the various appliances that you need to include in your kitchen and this makes it even harder to achieve a seamless look if that’s what you desire. Integrated appliances enable you to achieve the beautiful aesthetics and seamless finish that you are looking for.



As freestanding appliances are clearly visible, your choices may be restricted as you will need to source models which visually work well together. Integrated appliances are concealed, enabling you to select the ones you really want, even if they look radically different. It also becomes easier to save money and take advantage of bargains such as on-sale or graded appliances, as you don’t have to concern yourself with matching them to other pieces.



Beautiful aesthetics become even more important when your home is open plan. While a freestanding fridge might not particularly bother you in a kitchen, it probably won’t be what you want to see from your sofa. Integrated appliances ensure that you can create a sleek kitchen space which complements your living area if they are adjoined.



Integrated appliances are held in place by the surrounding units. This reduces the extent to which they can wobble while the cupboard doors help to minimise noise.

Noise pollution will be a key consideration for open plan spaces.



When designing your kitchen, practicality is as important as style. Why not make your life easier when you have the opportunity? Built in ovens and hobs look fabulous but can also be placed anywhere in the space and exactly where you need them. Your hob and oven can also be separate if you wish. This could be ideal if you would like to include a kitchen island. An oven beneath your island ensures that it is easy to lift food out and set it down.

At first glance, integrated appliances appear to restrict your choices. But they could actually broaden them while delivering a stunning space for your home that works well for you.