Graded items can come in several forms and they are listed below. Each item on our site will clearly state which it is.

1) A product may have packaging that is slightly damaged or dirty (defined as TATTY) If the original packaging is significantly damaged it may be replaced by alternative packaging to the same specification as the original. The large retailers will not accept any damage or dirt on the packaging of a product, and as most products sold these days are imported it is not possible for the manufacturers to re-pack these products in the UK, so they are sold to us and we pass the saving on.
There are no marks or damage to the product.

2) A product may have slight cosmetic marks on the side panel but NOT front panel this is designated Grade A. If it is designated Grade B, cosmetic marks will be on the front AND side panels.
If a product has any marks it will be clearly shown with photos on the product page. These marks will have no effect on the function of the product and are purely cosmetic. You will not see the marks on products that are integrated once they have been installed.

3) End of line. As manufacturers change products they may be left with some excess stock of the model that is going to be replaced, and they will sell the excess stock to us at a discount to clear them. We sell these as graded as part of the agreement with the supplier, so they can’t be compared to the large retailers online. These products are new, boxed, and identical to the same product you could buy elsewhere, except with a large discount

The above products come complete with a manufacturers warranty. All original parts and accessories are included (unless otherwise noted in the item description).

We hope this explains why GRADED items item may a be good purchase for you. If you have any question please just press our online chat button, call us on free phone 01606 598072 or drop us an email via this link info@allyourappliances.co.uk


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