What Does "Graded" Mean?

A graded item refers to a brand-new product that has never been used. Graded items can manifest in various forms, each clearly indicated on our website. Here are the classifications:

TATTY Packaging

The product may have packaging that is slightly damaged or dirty. In cases where the original packaging is significantly impaired, it might be substituted with alternative packaging of the same specifications. Traditional retailers often reject products with any packaging damage or dirt. Since many products are imported, manufacturers cannot repackage them in the UK. Hence, we acquire and sell them at a discounted price, passing on the savings to our customers. It's important to note that there are no marks or damage to the actual product.

Cosmetic Marks (Grade A and Grade B)

Grade A indicates slight cosmetic marks on the side panel, excluding the front panel. Grade B, on the other hand, designates cosmetic marks on both the front and side panels. Any marks are meticulously displayed with photos on the product page, ensuring transparency. These cosmetic marks, found only on the exterior, do not affect the product's functionality and are purely aesthetic. Once integrated or installed, these marks are not visible.

End of Line

As manufacturers update their product lines, excess stock of the older models may remain. This surplus stock is sold to us at a discounted rate to clear inventory. We offer these products as graded items, honouring our agreement with the supplier. Though they are new, boxed, and identical to products available elsewhere, they come with a significant discount.

All graded items include a manufacturer's warranty, and the original parts and accessories are provided unless otherwise specified in the item description.

We trust that this clarification sheds light on the reasons why purchasing graded items might be a favourable option for you. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us through our online chat, call us at 01606 598072, or send us an email at info@allyourappliances.co.uk