When you are exploring our extensive range, you will notice that many appliances are identified as graded. But do you know what this means?

Graded appliances are brand new models which have been returned to the supplier or manufacturer. There are a number of reasons why this may have happened. However, the most common of these is that an appliance features a small cosmetic imperfection.


When consumers order a new freezer or washing machine, they expect it to be in perfect condition when it arrives, unless it was sold as imperfect. Occasionally, appliances are accidentally damaged in transit or when handled. The recipient removes the packaging, only to discover a small dent or scratch. Even if this damage would not be visible when the appliance is installed, the purchaser is entitled to a replacement or a refund.

In this type of situation, the appliance would be returned and would end up in landfill, unless it can be sold as a graded item.


At All Your Appliances, we take these graded models, check them, test them and offer them to you at discounted prices.

Every item is thoroughly checked and sold with its manufacturer’s warranty. We photograph the appliances to enable you to see exactly why they are graded and the extent of the damage. We only showcase appliances with minor damage and those which are graded because the original packaging is missing. Once the appliances have been fitted in your home, you may never notice that there was any issue with them.


Graded appliances are sold at reduced prices which means that you could bag yourself an impressive bargain. We filter out all items with very noticeable or excessive damage. You will be choosing from brand new appliances with warranties which are offered at significant discounts. This will enable you to feature superior modals in your home that might otherwise have been beyond your budget.

You can complete the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams at reduced cost and everyone will want to know how you did it!

When you choose a graded appliance, you will be treating yourself to a bargain but also minimising waste. Machines which might have been discarded because of a tiny scratch that is barely visible, should not be cast aside. Remember, if an item has a small dent to the back, you will never see it.

With graded appliances, you still enjoy impressive choice and you will discover modals from the world’s leading brands. If you see a fabulous bargain, snap it up because it might not be available for very long. Our range is constantly changing and we may only have one example of the appliance you like available at a discounted price.

Graded appliances help you to create the perfect spaces at home without breaking the bank. It is often impossible to tell that the appliances were anything but perfect once they have been fitted. Your graded appliance will be your little secret!