We are a leading discount appliances store based in Cheshire. We take pride in offering a wide range of graded cooker hoods to enhance your kitchen experience. In simple terms, let's explore the three main types of cooker hoods we have available: chimney, integrated, and island hoods.

Chimney Hoods

Chimney hoods are the perfect choice for a classic kitchen setup. They're stylish, efficient and are mounted to the wall. These hoods are an ideal option/upgrade for any kitchen, quietly working to eliminate unwanted odours and smoke while you whip up your favourite meals. The chimney design, extending from the cooktop to the ceiling, not only looks sleek but also ensures effective ventilation.

Graded Cooker Hoods

Our graded chimney hoods come in various sizes to fit different kitchen spaces. They are easy to install and operate, featuring user-friendly controls. With multiple fan speeds, you can adjust the airflow according to your cooking needs. The filters are designed for easy cleaning, ensuring that your kitchen stays fresh and odour-free.

Integrated Hoods

For those who prefer a seamless and minimalist look in their kitchen, integrated cooker hoods are the way to go. These hoods are discreetly built into kitchen cabinetry, providing a clean and cohesive appearance. If you want your kitchen to have a modern and streamlined feel, an integrated hood is an excellent choice.

Our graded integrated hoods are available in various designs to match different kitchen styles. Despite their unobtrusive appearance, these hoods deliver powerful performance. They effectively capture and remove cooking fumes, leaving your kitchen air clean and fresh. With easy installation and low maintenance, our integrated hoods are perfect for busy households.

Island Hoods

If your cooking area is situated in the middle of the room, we also have the solution for you. In such cases, island cooker hoods become the focal point, not just for their functionality but also for their aesthetic appeal. These hoods are suspended from the ceiling, creating a stunning visual effect while efficiently removing smoke and odours.

Our graded island cooker hoods are designed to complement contemporary kitchen designs. With sleek finishes and advanced ventilation technology, these hoods make a bold statement. Adjustable lighting adds an extra touch of elegance to your kitchen island. Installation is straightforward, and the maintenance is hassle-free, ensuring that you can focus on enjoying your culinary adventures.

So no matter the type of cooker hood that your kitchen requires, you can rest assured that our online discount appliance store in Cheshire is dedicated to providing you with a solution that combines performance, style, and affordability. Whether you opt for a chimney, integrated, or island hood, you can trust that our appliances will enhance your kitchen experience.

Shop with us today and elevate your cooking space with quality appliances that won't break the bank!