Dishwashers are becoming an essential piece of equipment in most homes across the UK. Having an dishwasher keeps your kitchen organised and stylish while allowing you to enjoy spotless dishes. It is easy to understand why integrated dishwashers are such a popular option - whether exposed or hidden behind cabinet doors, contribute to a clean, minimalist aesthetic and are ideal for compact kitchens with limited space.

Integrated Dishwashers

Regardless of the size of your home, All Your Appliances has an amazing selection of built-in dishwashers for you. Models from top manufacturers like AEG, Bosch, Neff, Zanussi, and Samsung are available in our selection.

We provide a wide range of new, refurbished and graded dishwashers. These come in an assortment of heights and finishes, such as black, white, grey, and stainless steel. You might require a slimline integrated dishwasher if your kitchen is smaller. Despite their modest size, these versions can still offer enough space to be suitable for smaller families. Discover more amazing features like AirDry technology, specially designed cutlery and utensil drawers, and self-cleaning filter systems by exploring our entire selection of dishwashers today. We are sure that we have the perfect dishwasher for you, regardless of the size of your home, kitchen or budget.

What are the benefits of an integrated dishwasher?

Installing an integrated dishwasher under a kitchen cabinet results in a more organised kitchen layout and less noticeable appliance. Because the kitchen cabinet muffles unnecessary noise, integrated dishwashers are usually quieter than standalone dishwasher models—making them ideal for open-plan kitchens.

Another big advantage of any dishwasher is the time saving aspect. The average person spends sixty minutes a day cleaning up after meals. On the other hand, loading a dishwasher only takes nine minutes, which means you can save the best part of that hour by using a dishwasher. Additionally, using a dishwasher rather than a your kitchen sink can save up to 6800 litres of water annually.

What features to look for in a dishwasher

Whether you are looking for an integrated or freestanding dishwasher, you may wish to consider a few of the available features before making a decision on your new model. We’ve listed a few of the popular features below:

Child safety lock: This is a very standard feature that keeps unwanted adjustments from being made to the dishwasher's settings while it's in use.

Delay Start: The majority of dishwashers have a delay timer that lets you programme the dishwasher to begin the wash cycle several hours in advance.

This is useful if you have access to less expensive electricity at night or if you like to schedule your dishwasher to run just long enough to warm your dishes for supper.

Adjustable upper racks: We recommend looking for dishwashers with easily accessible upper racks that can be adjusted in height. Some models have a pair of quick-release clips on both rack sides. This implies that even when the upper rack is stacked with dishes, you can adjust the height to accommodate large objects on the lower rack. Roller systems let you change the height of the rack, although it's not always simple to do so and won't work if it's full.

Anti-flood protection: In the unlikely case of a problem, this avoids floods. While "aqua-stop" devices stop flooding in the event that the dishwasher's filling hose breaks or spills, "float switches" detect water in the machine's base and stop it from filling further.

Sensor wash: This gauges the level of dirty water in the machine and modifies the wash's temperature and duration appropriately. It is usually seen on more expensive versions.

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