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AEG IAE84411FB 78cm Hob2Hood 4 Zone Induction Hob

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This graded AEG IAE84411FB 78cm Induction Hob is brand new and perfect with slightly tatty packaging.

12 Months Warranty.

Cook up a feast with the help of this stylish AEG induction hob. Its 4 zones use electromagnets to directly heat the base of your pans, rather than the whole surface, for safer cooking. It also has MaxiSense technology, which detects the exact shape and size of your pots, and warms that area only. This means heat isn’t being wasted around the edges, so it’s guaranteed to save you money on your monthly bills. Plus, if you’re preparing pasta, the clever SenseBoil® feature will turn your pot of water down to a simmer when it’s fully boiled, preventing you from overcooking. And, the Hob2Hood feature means you can link it to your compatible cooker hood, telling it to start extracting immediately.

4 induction zones, for safe responsive cooking

Automatically reduces heat when pans starts to boil

Hob communicates with your hood for optimum extraction

Detects the pan size to provide the perfect heat level

Dimensions (cm) - H4.4 x W78 x D49

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Cooking on the hob made even safer

Preparing dishes on the hob couldn’t get any faster, safer or more efficient, thanks to induction technology. Unlike your gas or ceramic hob, induction ones use electromagnets beneath the surface to recognise the size and shape of your induction pans. This tells it exactly where it needs to send heat to, and it’ll only start to warm up when your pot is on top, keeping you safe in the kitchen.

Never overboil again

Thanks to AEG’s SenseBoil®, which stops your pans overflowing, you’ll have complete control in the kitchen. When your water’s boiled, the pressure from the bubbles makes the pot vibrate slightly. Because there are sensors in the hob’s surface, they recognise the movement and immediately switch the heat to a lower setting, to keep the water simmering. This means you can start chopping the potatoes without having to constantly monitor the pan.

Always cook safely and efficiently

The MaxiSense® feature on this induction hob detects the size and shape of your pans, however big or small they are. By doing this, it knows exactly where your pots are and only sends heat to that area. As energy isn’t being wasted around the outside of the zones, the surface is cool to touch everywhere else. This means it’s not only really efficient, but it’s super-safe too.

Create the perfect cooking area

By connecting this hood to a compatible hob, AEG’s Hob2Hood feature offers a hands-free way of managing your cooking environment. When you turn your hob on, it communicates with the hood via infrared, so the lights will come on too. It’ll even recognise when your kitchen is getting smokier and will boost the power to control it. This means that you’ll never find yourself fumbling with the controls.

Easily control the cooking

Thanks to AEG’s innovative Direktouch controls, selecting the perfect settings has never been simpler. Whether you’re sliding your way to maximum power, or quickly tapping it back down to a lower level, you’ll always get a speedy response. And, because they’re effortless to use, you’ll find the temperature easy to adjust whilst you’re cooking.

Dimensions (H)4.4 x (W)78.0 x (D)49.0

Automatic Safety Shut Off Yes

Control Panel Lock Yes

Control Panel Position Front

Control Type Touch and Slide

Fuel Type Electric

Integrated appliance Yes

Residual Heat Indicator Yes

Timer Yes

Touch Control Yes

Comes with Plug/Cable No

Electrical Connection 7.35 KW

Fuse Rating 32 amps

Power Requirements Needs Hard Wiring By An Electrician

Width Category 80 cm