Karlson WRTFTH90 Induction Hob 90cm Flex Zone in Black GRADE A

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This graded Karlson WRTFTH90 Induction Hob is brand new with slight blemishing to the surface - please see images

Includes a full Karlson 12 month parts and labour warranty.  

Please be aware, pace maker and insulin pump users may be effected when an induction hob is in use. Please refer to all of the manufacturers guidelines and consult your doctor for any concerns or potential risks. 

Karlson induction hobs are smart, slimline and so intuitive that cooking even the most complex dishes becomes stress free. The combination of induction heating with full TFT touch screen technology gives you precise temperature control in multiple zones. With 9 power levels, switch from fast boil to a soft simmer in an instant. Flexi zones and auto pan detection mean only contact areas heat up to provide even heat distribution and better results with pans of any size or shape.


▪Number of zones/burners: 5 (2 if using flexi)
▪Hob surface: Glass
▪Colour: Black
▪Booster: Yes
▪Power Levels: 9
▪Booster: Yes
▪Control Type: TFT Full Touch Control
▪Safety features: Child Lock


Hob to hood - Our hob is equipped with hob to hood technology, meaning the hob can connect to any Karlson & Viceroy hoods. The hob communicates with the cooker hood automatically turning on the cooker hood when the hob is in use and the extraction of the connected cooker hood will increase and decrease inline with the power level of the hob.

TFT Touch screen control - Our user friendly smart all touch display is here to make your cooking experience easy and smooth. The integrated screen not only provides recipes at your finger tips but allows you to add in your very own recipes.

Boost - With our boost function you now get instant heat on any ring of your choice on demand. You can have your water boil faster than your kettle or use this function to sear and seal steaks.

Heat management - For more reliable cooking and peace of mind you can control the temperature of each ring either on the power mode or change the temperature in increments of 5◦c.

* Temperature probe compatible - With our temperature probe you can control the temperature within 1◦c 


▪Safety shut off
▪Childproof lock
▪Power level management
▪Flexi zones
▪Boost setting
▪Flex Induction Zones
▪Automatic Pan detection
▪Digital Display
▪Pause and Keep Warm
▪TFT Touch Control


▪Product Dimension without packaging: 900 x 520 x 60 mm
▪Product Dimensions with packaging: 960x595x110 mm
▪Built-in Dimensions: 875x495 mm
▪Power levels: Front left 1.5 - 2 kw, Rear Left 2 / 2.8 kw, Rear Right 1.5 / 2 kw, Rear Right 2 / 2.8 kw
▪Cable Supplied: 3 Core Cable
▪Requires 40 Amp Circuit Breaker
▪Installed electrical power: 9000W
▪Heating Element: Induction Coil


*Temperature probe is a purchasable extra



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