Lec Credit Card Sensor Medical Kelsius 444443534 in White

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This Lec Medical Kelsius Wireless Credit Card Sensor is brand new and perfect

CoolCheck by Kelsius is the market leading paperless temperature monitoring system, automating the process in controlled storage and testing environments within the Healthcare sector.

The CoolCheck system complies with industry best practice for the safe storage of medicines & vaccines, blood, lab samples. It will reduce product wastage associated with fridge failure.

CoolCheck for Temperature Mapping

With the Kelsius CoolCheck, automated temperature monitoring system, users are empowered to carry out their own mapping activities, as and when required, in a cost effective manner with little investment of their own time.

Traditionally, hospital pharmacies and laboratories have incurred significant costs by employing the services of third party consultants to perform the mapping exercise which typically comes at a large expense. Pre-configured wireless mapping sensors are placed in cold storage areas for a defined period of time, reducing cost and time spent.

During the mapping period the CoolCheck sensors will record the temperature data.


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