Samsung LS55CG970NUXXU Gaming Monitor 55" Curved UHD Odyssey Ark

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This graded Samsung LS55CG970NUXXU Gaming Monitor is brand new with slightly tatty packaging.

Includes a full 12 Month Parts and Labour Warranty.

Product Description

  • Overwhelm your senses with 55" large screen & 1000R curvature
  • Swing into groundbreaking views with Cockpit Mode & Eclipse Lighting
  • Ark Dial puts the player in full control of Ark, allowing quick and simple access to a variety of functions

Overwhelm your senses

55" large screen & 1000R curvature

Be immersed in lifelike images. The 55-inch screen delivers a picture that overwhelms your senses, creating an adrenaline-fueled experience superior to anything seen before. This is upgraded by 1000R curvature to wrap around your field of vision for maximum immersion.

Swing into groundbreaking views

Cockpit Mode & Eclipse Lighting

Feel like you're in a cockpit. Rotate the screen to Cockpit Mode with HAS, tilt and pivot functionality for an optimal screen environment. This perfect positioning creates a new sense of world-blending immersion, further enhanced by Eclipse Lighting.

Exclusive controller at your command

Ark Dial

The solar-powered controller built only for Ark. Ark Dial puts the player in full control of Ark, allowing quick and simple access to a variety of functions that Ark has – including Flex Move Screen, Multi View, Quick Settings and Game Bar. Take control and push forward with Ark.

Upgrade your multitasking with more inputs

4-input Multi View

A whole new way to view. Connect and see up to 4 inputs at once with the upgraded Multi View __ even play console and PC games at the same time. Focus on your games while you connect with friends and look up the best strategies all on one screen, while keeping your desk free from wires and clutter.

Multiple inputs, one control station

KVM Switch

Your command center gives you full control. Use multiple PCs and built-in apps on the Odyssey Ark with a single mouse and keyboard. Move your mouse across all your connected devices' displays on one screen to control a different device in a snap.

Enter a new era of immersion

Quantum Matrix Technology

An unrivaled visual experience. Revolutionary Quantum Matrix Technology with Quantum Mini LEDs creates controlled brightness and perfect contrast for refined definition. The advanced 14-bit back light unit allows detailed HDR control which creates unmatched picture quality.

AI-enhanced 4K cinematic experience

Neural Quantum Processor Ultra

Enjoy powerful cinematic experiences. By combining 20 multi-layer neural networks, the AI-Powered processor cleverly analyzes images to restore every detail, pixel by pixel. Automatic brightness adjustment, contrast amplification and enhancements upscale the resolution of whatever you're watching.

In-depth detail for a competitive edge

HDR 10+ gaming

See every detail in all its glory. From gloomy shadows to sun-scorched scenes, the 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio enables enhanced color expression and depth. Get a competitive edge with HDR 10+, which automatically adapts games in real-time to show you every detail that could lead to victory.

Never be distracted by glare

Matte display

Focus only on what matters. The distraction-free matte screen absorbs, not reflects, artificial and natural light, keeping you laser-focused during the toughest battles and hardest levels.

Engulf yourself in sound

Sound Dome Technology

Four corner speakers and two central woofers result in a 60W 2.2.2 channel with the lowest 45Hz notes of any gaming screen or gaming soundbar. AI Sound Booster and Dolby Atmos take it to the next level, surrounding you in a three-dimensional soundscape that places you inside the gaming world.

Incredible 4k gaming refresh rates

165Hz & 1ms(GtG)

Conquer every enemy, even at extreme speed. 165Hz refresh rate eliminates lag for exhilarating gameplay with ultra-smooth action. Identify enemies with elite precision with a 1ms response time(GtG), precise mouse movements, and blur-free frames, with minimized ghosting.

Focus without ever breaking flow

AMD FreeSync Premium Pro

Hyper action made seamless. Support of Variable refresh rate (VRR) with AMD FreeSync Premium Pro keeps the GPU and panel synced up to eliminate choppiness, screen-lag, and image tears. Fast-action and complex game scenes are stable and stutter-free for your competitive edge.

Where gaming comes together

Gaming Hub

The best of gaming all in one place. Gaming Hub allows instant access to top streaming services, your favorite consoles and PC. Smooth visuals and responsive gameplay are powered by Samsung’s advanced game streaming technology without downloads or storage limits – just turn on Ark and play.

Access your favorite shows in a flash

Smart TV Experience

Take a break from marathon gaming sessions and catch up on must-see streaming content, with just a simple Wi-Fi connection. Samsung TV Plus offers free live content with no downloads or sign-ups as well as personalized content recommendations from Universal Guide.

Quick, simple setup to seize the win

Game Bar

Check and control game settings in an instant. Now, you can easily view the status of important settings - FPS (Frames Per Second), HDR (High Dynamic Range) and VRR (Variable Refresh Rate). Optimize response time or screen ratio, as well as the game picture mode without having to leave your goal.

Product Spec

Screen Size: 55 in

Product Line: Odyssey Ark

Features: Eye Saver Mode, Flicker Free, Game Mode, Quantum Dot Color, HDR10+ Gaming, FreeSync Premium Pro, Adaptive Picture, Ultrawide Game View, KVM Switch, Remote Access, Speakers, Adaptive Sound

Connectivity: Wireless Display, Display Port, HDMI, USB Hub, Ethernet, WiFi5, Bluetooth5.2, Headphone

Refresh Rate: Max 165Hz

Maximum Resolution: 3840 x 2160

Display Type: Mini LED

Energy Efficiency Rating: G

EAN: 8806094993714

Colour: Titan Black

Response Time: 1ms(GTG)

Contrast Ratio: 1000000:1 (Static)

Brightness: 600 cd/m2


EC Range: A - G

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

     A000102G4 , A010102G4 , A020102G4

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