If you are looking to buy a new cooker, you may well be thinking about all the different varieties you can opt for. One option which is well worth considering is the induction cooker. The induction cooker is becoming more and more popular, both in a professional and a home environment, and it is easy to see why.

We are here to take you through a few things you might like to know about induction cookers to help you make your decision. For, although they are often quite pricey, they also offer many advantages which you quite simply would not get with electric or gas hob equivalents.


Induction cookers will have a hob which simply looks like glass or ceramic, but there is a whole lot of clever stuff which goes on below. Electric induction is also known as magnetic induction, as it describes what happens when voltage is produced in a conductor as a result of it reacting with a magnetic field.

So, what this means with your cooker is that, below the surface of your hob, there is a metal coil which creates a magnetic field when electricity is turned on and passes through it. It is this fluctuating magnetic field which, when your metal pan is placed on top of it, will pass into the pan, heating it up.


The main advantage that you get with an induction cooker is the speed with which the hob will heat up. This works both ways, too, meaning that the heat will drop just as quickly as you want it to should a pan be about to boil over! The other primary advantage is that it is the most efficient way of heating up a pan, as you will not be wasting heat as you would be with other forms of hob.

With induction cookers, all the heat is directed to the pan, and you will be able to tell that heat is not escaping by the fact that none of the surface space outside of the heated area will change in temperature. This means that you will be using your energy efficiently, and it has an added health and safety bonus in that you will be less likely to burn yourself. Plus, after you have done your cooking, the surface is nice and easy to clean. Not only is it completely smooth, but it also cools down relatively quickly. So, once you have had your meal, you can very simply wipe away any grease or remnants of your cooking.


There are some additional things which it will be important to bear in mind. One thing to know is that you will need to have a full set of pans which work on induction cookers. Because of the way induction cookers work, not all pans will heat up on the surface. If you already have magnetic stainless steel or cast iron pans then these may well work, but if you have different kinds of pans, you will need to buy a set which are induction-ready.

Should you go for the induction cooker option, you should also be aware that you will need to have it installed by an electrician in order to ensure that the specific electrical requirement of the cooker is being supplied. All in all, however, we think that these additional elements that you need to consider are a small matter in comparison to the ease with which you will be able to cook once it is installed in your kitchen. If the price tag is an issue, then you might like to take a look at some of the discounted new, end-of-line and graded induction cookers and induction hobs we have available which allow you to purchase a fantastic piece of technology for a more affordable price.