The built-in coffee machine is something which you might not know you have been missing until you have it installed. Once you have one, you will feel that no kitchen is complete without it. Although they can be quite pricey, they are not just going to be one of those gadgets which never gets used. The morning cup of coffee is something which is built into the structure of the day for many of us – the built in coffee machine ensures that this coffee is going to be a great cup. On top of that, its look is going to add something to the aesthetic of any modern kitchen, whilst saving plenty of counter top space because of its embedded, discrete nature.


If you are going in for that ultimate contemporary kitchen design, then you will want things to be sleek, smooth and certainly lacking in clutter. The built-in coffee machine helps you achieve this by being perfectly integrated into in your kitchen. The flush design will not only look beautiful, but also free up precious counter top space. This is something which brings so much to the kitchen in terms of the high level coffee it makes at the press of a button, but does so, in effect, without taking up any work surface at all.


One of the huge benefits for coffee lovers is that your coffee machine will give you an easy way to make fresh coffee using beans. Coffee which has been pre-ground can be great, but the longer it is left, the more stale it can get. Once coffee grounds have been left unused for a certain period of time, even if they are refrigerated, they are going to lose some of the subtleties of flavour. With beans, however, you will always be having fresh coffee, as you are going straight from bean to ground to cup.


You don’t need to have a built-in coffee machine to have freshly ground coffee, but it is one of the quickest and easiest ways. You will have the machine right there conveniently built into your kitchen, and at the press of a button you will have coffee that even the best barista would approve of, with everything from cappuccino to espresso on the menu. The progress in automatic coffee machine technology in the last few years in particular has been astounding, meaning that they will be just about the best way to get a premium cup of joe from home. With many of the built-in coffee machines today, you will also be able to make your coffee using your favourite coffee capsules as well as beans.


Part of the appeal of modern automatic coffee machines is that you will be able to finely tune your cup of coffee. By programming in small adjustments in the strength, the temperature, the coffee type and the serving size, you will be able to get just what it is that you wanting, whether it is a busy weekday morning or a relaxed Saturday afternoon.


With many of the modern built-in coffee machines on the market today, you will be able to benefit from lots of additional technology on board which will make your life even easier. For example, in some of the models here at All Your Appliances, you can activate self-cleaning mode, as well as use the adjustable height setting so that you can fill anything from an espresso cup to a carafe. So it will be just as useful for your own personal morning cup as it will be for when you have friends and family over.