If you enjoy a bottle of wine now and then, whether chilling out at the end of the week or hosting a dinner party with friends or family, you might well be considering whether it is worth investing in a wine cooler. We love wine coolers, and think that they bring a lot to the kitchen environment, in their practical benefits and their look. Wine coolers are ideal for anyone fond of wine who doesn’t want to lose out of space in the main refrigerator, or damage the quality of the wine by keeping the bottle stored at the wrong temperature.


If you cool down your wine in the fridge, then you might in fact not be doing many favours to the wine. Refrigerators for general food use are generally kept at around 4 degrees, whereas most white wines, as well as rosé wines, champagne and sparkling, ought to be cooled down to around 8 degrees at the lowest, and up to 10 degrees depending on how the wine has been made and what kind of a flavour range it offers.

This is where wine coolers can come in to save the day. As you will only be storing your drinks in there, you can be far more precise with the temperature, raising it above the normal temperature which you would require to store your refrigerated food safely. We said before that you might generally be looking to keep the wine somewhere near the 8 to 10 degrees mark, but with many of the wine coolers on the market, you will be able to choose from between 5 and 20 degrees, meaning that you can get it just right depending on what wine you have cooling and how heavily loaded the cooler is.



But of course, you won’t just be keeping one bottle of wine there in your cooler the whole time – a healthily stocked cooler will often contain wines which need to be kept at different temperatures. If, for example, you have a few bottles of white wine which needs to be kept at 10 degrees, that is all very well in a one temperature fridge. However, in the summer especially, the current thinking on reds is that they ought to be kept cool at somewhere around the 12-18 degree mark to keep optimum flavour and not to taste too overly alcoholic and flabby.

With many of the wine coolers on the market, including some within our wine cooler range here at All Your Appliances, a key benefit is that you can keep separate departments at different temperatures, meaning that your reds and your whites, sparkling or rosé wines can all be kept in premium condition.


It is not just all about how these great appliances offer a place to cool your wine or beer which does not clog up the main fridge, or cool them down too much. There is also the benefit of the see-through door. This means that you can see which wine you have there without having to keep the fridge wide open to inspect and take your pick. As a result of this, you will not be affecting the temperature of the cooler, keeping it at a precise level until you have selected your bottle of choice.

In combination with that, we find that it adds a gorgeous aesthetic touch to your home. It is a kitchen appliance, perhaps more than any other, which creates a convivial mood in the hub of the living space, offering something which lifts and adds character to the ambience in the same way that a well stocked bookcase might in the living room or study!