Space is always a concern when you are putting together your kitchen. Appliances, as easy as they make life, can also take up rather a lot of space. Sometimes certain appliances end up taking priority because of space issues. This means that many people go without dishwashers because they consider them to be not as essential as other appliances. The table top dishwasher turns this notion on its head, as it gives you the opportunity to still have a dishwasher even if you are too short on space for a full sized one.

Though table top dishwashers won’t be of the kind of size to be able to take care of a whole day’s worth of dishes for a full family, they will be there to help out with the dishes if you are finding that going completely without any mechanised help is a bit of a struggle. In this way, if you have a larger household full of people, they won’t take the place of your manual dish washing. But they will be there to alleviate some of the stress. If you are living on your own, or perhaps there are just two of you living together, they might, however, be able to take care of the majority of the dishes after each mealtime.


Table top dishwashers will generally be just a little bit larger than a standard microwave oven. As the name suggests, they will be small enough to sit on the top of a table or counter in the kitchen. They just need a flat surface and access to a plug and to a standard sink faucet. As they simply take on water from this connection to the sink taps, it means that installation is a breeze. The drain hose at the back can then be easily directed back into the basin.


There is a clear advantage with these dishwashers to do with space. If you do not have enough space for a full sized dishwasher, the table top is going to be your only dishwasher option. With that said, there are other benefits too. As these styles of dishwasher are much smaller than normal models, you will find that they are also a lot cheaper. Getting your kitchen kitted out just right can be a very expensive business, and so it is always to be celebrated when there is an appliance option which takes some of the sting out of the cost.

In addition, the table top dishwasher is also economical once you have it set up. Not only are these kinds of dishwashers cheaper to buy than a full sized model, but they use much less electricity and water to run. They will also get through fewer dishwasher products than full sized dishwashers. All in all, they use up much less in terms of resources, but clean just as thoroughly.

As these compact dishwashers are not built-in appliances, they can have huge advantages if you are renting and you move into somewhere without a dishwasher. Given that they are portable, you can simply move one from one destination to the next. Their portable nature isn’t just good news if you are moving to a new home. It is also an attractive feature for weekly usage, as it means that you can tuck the compact unit away somewhere when it is not in use, so that it doesn’t take up counter space permanently.


Clearly, you not going to be able to wash as much in each cycle as you would in a full sized dishwasher. So this does need to be considered before you make your purchase. If you have a family, or live in a full household, and you are looking for something to take care of all the washing each day, this won’t be the appliance for you. As they only have one level, larger dishes, pots or pans will take up most of the space. They are therefore better for getting through all your plates, cutlery and smaller items.

With that said, for those in smaller households, or if you are living on your own, these handy little machines can do a wonderful job. Easy to set up, economical in their usage of space and resources, and highly efficient and effective in the job they carry out, table top dishwashers might just be the helping hand you have been looking for.